May 7, 2011

Dream Concert or Nightmare Concert? o_O

Hello everyone,

it's been a long time since I last posted something about my experience in Korea so today I will share with you about kpop fan clubs and concerts.Each year in Seoul takes place a concert called the "Dream Concert" where the most popular kpop groups and singers take part. It's a major event and usually takes place at Seoul World Cup Stadium with more than 40.000 fans attending. Each singer/group has their own fan club and color so even before the tickets are on sale they know which part of the stadium they should occupy on the day of the concert.

For example DBSK now days know as JYJ and HoMin have the color red, 2pm is black, SS501 is green and so on. Depending on the popularity of the group/singer and the size of the fan club the fans get more seats.The tickets are not that expensive, around 5000 won ( 5 dollars),but they have seats right in front of the stage and usually they are for the VIPs who pay up to 100 dollars just too see their favorite singer.The tickets get sold out within minutes so you have to be very fast.
The fans come "armed" with the fan club's colored balloons,banners,light sticks and very LOUD voices.They have a coordinator  which makes sure that the fans cheer for their singer and scream their head off when is the case and boo when other singers come on stage.
TOO LOUD!!!!!!!!!

Last year,May 22nd I went with my friends to see the concert and we got tickets in the Super Junior area,later on I saw that there was a small group of DBSK fans.I have never seen so many people in one place and even before the concert started they were cheering for their groups/singers. There is a rivalry going on between the fan clubs,so for example when SNSD and Super Junior sang at the end of the concert the SS501 and 2PM fans left or they booed each other.Oh well,its understandable since most of the fans are teenager girls.
Fan clubs

Last year around 20 artists performed :CNblue, 2PM ,Wonder Girls, Rain, Lee Hyori, SS501, KARA, After School, SHINee, f(x), BEAST, T-ara, MBLAQ, 4minute, U-Kiss, Rainbow, ZE:A, Davichi, F.cuz ,Super Junior, SNSD,but unfortunately no DBSK so that's why for me it was more of a nightmare concert instead of a dream concert if you also add that me and my friend Joanne had to wait in the rain for an hour before we could get a taxi to go home.

The MCs :Heechul from SJ,Taecyeon from 2PM.I dont know the girl

My favorite artists:


cnblue ^_^




Lee Hyori

At the end of the concert all the artists came on stage and cheered for Korea's football team.


I had a good time and I enjoyed listening and seeing some of my favorite artists.If I ever have a chance to attend a Dream Concert again I hope that JYJ will take part.


All the fan clubs cheered for DBSK who couldn't be present at the concert

 And here is my poor friend going deaf because of Super Junior's fans