August 11, 2011

First stop-Gyeongju

Who doesn't love to travel,especially when you are in such a beautiful place like Korea. Thanks to my wonderful friends I had a chance to visit a few places and I loved each and every one of them.
                                                             Happy reading!!!
My first trip while in Korea was in March 2010 and together with my friends from SNU Buddy (I will write an entire post on them) went to Gyeongju (경주) for 1 night and 2 days.I am sure that most of you are familiar with the drama "Queen Seon Duk" and so I was so excited to be there that I called my mom all the way to Romania to let her know.We went to visit her "home" aka tomb

I believe this was the Queen's crown but I'm not 100% sure

After a five hours bus ride we had had our lunch and it was very tasty!!! All Korean food is tasty anyway.
Queen Seon Duk of Silla was very wise and excelled in many things.During her reign she built the "Star-Gazing Tower" , the first observatory in Far East.

With my lovely Joanne-you will be seeing her in many posts

  We visited more Royal tombs and the place were the biggest Buddhist temple in Korea used to be but all is left from it's on this map 

 is this 

You might have heard of the Bulguksa Buddhist Temple which is considered a National Treasure and in 1995 was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.I love Korean temples,they are so colorful and peaceful at the same time.

And I cannot post this update without introducing our translator for the trip Mr.Kim Min Soo (he will be mentioned a lot in my posts along with some other dear SNU Buddy friends).

Word of the day "historical"
On the way back to Seoul we stopped by at the beach to take some tourist photos.
Korea's Angels-International version

Is there,can you see it?
 Some of the photos that we took came out great but one thing I will remember from this trip is how NOT to take photos. 
Oh dear,is the wind
 And take 2
I think that Minsoo was to excited that he didn't had to translate for us anymore,and for Jinhyung-No Comment
Even though my first trip was in March and was still  cold I had a great time thanks to the wonderful friends that I went with.


  1. Foarte frumos. :) Ai stat un an intreg sau doar din martie pana in decembrie? :D You're a lucky girl. :)

  2. Buna Ruth,am ajuns in Korea pe 25 feb si am plecat pe 1 decembrie,dar pot spune ca am stat un an academic sau 2 semestre.

  3. Craciun fericit! :)

  4. Buna Maria nu stiu daca mai frecventezi blogul asta... dar as putea sa intru in contact cu tine cumva? Mi-as dori foarte mult :"> vreau sa studiez si eu limba coreeana la Universitatea din Bucuresti pentru ca incepe sa-mi placa din ceea in ce mai mult aceasta tara si mi-ar placea sa aflu de la tine mai multe pentru ca vad ca ai avut parte de niste experiente foarte frumoase.

    Daca vezi mesajul asta, si vrei, trimite-mi un mail pe

  5. Salut Maria :)
    Nu stiu daca mai intri pe acest blog dar daca imi vezi mesajul te rog frumos contacteaza-ma la adresa de e-mail
    As vrea sa merg la UBB din Cluj la sectiunea engleza-coreeana;sunt inca in clasa a 10-a insa vreau sa ma pregatesc de pe acum deci as avea niste intrebari.
    Iti multimesc.