September 17, 2010

First things first

   Hello everyone!!!Its been a long time since I last posted and because of that I would like to apologize.I have already started the fall semester and I have so much school work everyday that sometimes I forget my own name.I thought that it would be nice to post a few things about my first semester at SNU.From now on I will use SNU when I refer to Seoul National University,and trust me it will be many times.
first meal in Korea
After a long journey (traveled for  almost 24 hours) I arrived in Korea on February 25th 2010 (Cluj-London-Dubai-Seoul) at 5,30pm. It was a foggy day and I was very tired,but as soon as I landed I felt like home.I was excited to be in Korea but in a way I felt as if I have been here before and now I am just coming back after a long time (Korean dramas anyone?). Pastor Kwon waited for me at the airport,and I stayed at his house in Ilsan for a few days.The Kwon family is so warm,godly and welcoming that I didn't wanted to move in the SNU dorm. My birthday was on March the 1st and that's when I had to move in the dorm but I still managed to celebrate it 3 time in one day.That's record^^
Bday Breakfast with Seaweed soup-Miyuk gook
The SNU Campus is huge and I am not kidding when I say that.I got lost so many times in the first 2 weeks that I lost count after just 3 days.Life in Korea is all about being fast and efficient and that rule applies to students as well.Later I will make a post entirely about SNU!!!
Even though was very difficult to meet my old friends that I already had in Seoul it has been a great experience to meet new people and I will introduce them to you later.I will just mention about SNU Buddy because that's how basically I got to meet so many wonderful people.
SNU Buddy is a voluntary students organization within the university who helps the exchange students getting used to life in Korea.They were of great help to me and other exchange students who came  in February to study at SNU.We have a similar program in Romania  and I believe that exists in other countries as well.
Korea is a beautiful and exciting place and I am enjoying every day!!!


  1. wow!! super! am sa ti citesc blogul de acum, ma intereseaza tot ce scrii!!!

  2. Nu stiu daca sa scriu pe romaneste sau pe engleza, dar o sa ma chinui sa scriu pe engleza ca ma ajuta si pe mine. :D

    So i first realised that Korea and Asia are special when i started to watch Korean dramas. And now i'm in love with everything that is related to Korea. I loved reading about your univesity, and i think it really is a great opportunity for you to be there. And i'm so grateful that you're sharing you're experiences with us. :D Can't wait to read more and more and more posts about Korea. :D

    Have a nice weekend, too :)

  3. @iulia multumesc pentru support,o sa incerc sa postez cat mai des
    @ruth poti sa imi scrii si in romaneste,desi a mea e cam "ruginita" o sa incerc sa iti raspund cat pot de bine. have a nice weekend too