September 17, 2010

Summer classes

Hello everyone!! How was your summer? Fall is coming and you have no idea how happy I am!! Summer in Korea is very hot and humid,I hope that somebody will invent a portable shower until next year.Comparing with Romania where the summer holiday is 3 months long (July until October) without any summer classes, in Korea you have classes, but they are not compulsory(unless you played around the whole semester and now you need credits). I was "blessed" with summer classes,every day from 9am until 1pm Korean class and from 2pm until 5pm SNU International Summer Institute (ISI). Nevertheless I had a good time,because during the ISI I had the chance to learn more about Korean culture and art., made new friends and visited some places.During our art class we were asked to express our feelings,so here is mine.^^
 We also had a pottery class and if you think its easy,you are wrong.You need so much strength to control the potter's wheel and also imagination and a steady hand when you paint on a bowl or do some sculpting.
don't they look cute?
We also had to design our own names and use ink and brush to put it down on rice paper
pure art
During the ISI we went on a trip to Jeonju- which is know as the "Capital Food City" of Korea.We tried so  many nice dishes including Bibimbap (a mixture of veggies and rice) for which this place is famous for.
  We tried many traditional Korean foods and here is our dinner
we sat on the floor-love,love,love

We went to a Folk Village  and also visited a Fan Shop,I didn't wanted to leave that place.
Iljimae anyone?
 Here is the artist/painter of the shop,he was very nice and got a chance to talk to him for a few minutes.
at work

We also went to Jeonju Museum where we divided in groups so that we can experience different aspects of Korean culture:cooking,wedding ceremony,martial arts and I picked traditional music.
Janggu-percussion instrument
And I am sure that you want to see our teacher.Here he is.
The trip was fun,I learned many new things about Korea and it was a good get-a-away from Seoul.

Lets not forget about my Korean class,where I had so much fun and I met people from different countries around the world.Some of them are former classmates from my first semester.We were waiting for other friends to finish their speaking exam so that we can have lunch.We stayed at school from 9am until 1pm
 This is in a nut-shell my almost 3 months summer school at SNU.Fun,right? So how did you spent your summer?If you are from Romania I am sure that you went to Constanta-sea side or camping in Brasov or other beautiful places around the country.

Happy reading.


  1. Cred ca ai avut o vacanta superba! :) Si imi place foarte mult ce ai descris in primele 3 poze. :) Desenatul, olariltul si scrisul numelor. :D E foarte interesant.:)
    Te-ai obisnuit cu mancarea de acolo?:) E buna?

  2. Hello, Maria! How's school going? :) I wanted to wish you a nice day, and i can't wait to see more posts :D

  3. buna sunt Teodora si-mi place mult blogul tau.imi place mult korea si as vrea sa invat limba ptr ca vreau ca intr-o zi sa ajung putea sa ma ajuti tu?am citit multe lucruri interesante scrise de tine pe alt blog si datorita tie mi-am improspatat vrea sa fim prietene?daka da iti las id-ul sau
    multumesc si succes in continuare la invatat

  4. Sounds like FUN! wish I were a foreigner so i could take those classes :P

  5. i saw on facebook that it's your birthday today :) happy birthday! :) and may all your dreams come true :)

  6. Hey Judy,in a way you were a foreigner with me and Jaonne.As soon I saw your dog's photo I knew that it was you.hehe
    Thanks Ruth,I had a great time and I tried my best to give in to the hot and humid weather while in Korea